· I’m a 40 year-old Phoenix, Arizona native, goth-geek, byte-banging digital alchemist, self-published author, podcaster, father and husband.

· For my day job, I work full-time as a software engineer developing hotel reservation software. It’s not sexy like video games, but it pays well.

· I had a podcast based on my blog, where I prattled on about cool stuff, and played music from independent bands. (A podcast is a cross between a radio show and an online journal.)

· I have a NEW podcast where I prattle on about vampires, because frankly that's what I love talking about.

· I'm a freelance writer. I write poetry, short stories, and articles on various topics. I have self-published my "modern vampire romance" novel, entitled LILITH’S LOVE. I produced a podcast version of the audiobook version of the novel as well. I am working on a sequel and third book to complete a trilogy, plus a series of prequels.

· Since 2003, I have been the newsletter editor for SelfPublishedAuthors.com. (As of July 2006, I now operate the website.)

· I used to have a website called The Lurkers’ Domain, for storytelling and role-playing games. Someday I may resurrect the site.

If you want to see more, visit my main blog at DanShaurette.com.

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